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The individuals responsible for maintaining, repairing, and installing power lines are known as linemen. This particular type of career carries with it certain inherent dangers but is also generally a well paying job with better than average benefits. Individuals who meet certain requirements can find good paying jobs once they have undergone the necessary training. Although it is not always necessary for a person to attend vocational school in order to qualify for a lineman position, everyone will have to go through the process of working as a journeyman lineman before they can graduate to better paying positions. Finding a position requires an individual to create a well-crafted journeyman lineman resume.

Journeyman lineman resumes are not all that different from any other type of resume, with the exception an individual should highlight any previous experience of they have in this particular field along with any additional education that they have received. Education and experience are the two most important factors that companies look at when it comes to hiring new workers and a journeyman lineman position is no exception. Although most companies will hire an individual and train them if better qualified applicants are not available, virtually every company would prefer to receive a journeyman lineman resume that includes previous experience in the field.

Another important thing to make sure that a journeyman lineman resume includes is a complete work history. Extended gaps in an individual's work history are not necessarily always a bad thing, provided that the individual can provide a suitable explanation for why they were out of work. For example, if an individual took some time off from work in order to further their education, most companies would see this as a positive factor when reviewing journeyman lineman resumes rather than allowing it to have a negative impact.

It is also important for a person to spend a little time getting to know the company that they are applying to in order to craft a well-rounded cover letter with their journeyman lineman resume. A cover letter allows an individual to take a little time to talk about their strengths and how they would be a good fit for a particular company. Generally, the type of information that does not quite fit on journeyman lineman resumes can be added to a cover letter. When creating a cover letter, an individual want to avoid using the same cover letter for every company, choosing instead to tailor it to each job they are applying for.